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Test Reported Speech

Test 9 Grade

                                           I var.
                                                   II var.
Oleg said to his sister, «Put the letter in an envelope.»
«Please bring me some fish soup, Henry,» said Robert.
«Don t worry over such a small thing,» she said to me.
She said to Nick, «Please don t say anything about it to your sister.»
«Take my luggage to Room 46,» he said to the porter.
I said to them , «I can give you my uncle s address.»
I said to Boris, «Does your friend live in London?»
I asked my sister, «Will Nick call for you on the way to school?»
I asked Tom , «Have you had breakfast?»
He said to us, «Did you go to the museum this morning?»
Mother said to us, «What are you doing here?»
«Why don t you play with your friends, Kate?» said her mother
Tom says, «Where are your friends?»
Grandmother said to Mary, «What mark did you get at school?»

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